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Is your roof covered in black streaks? These pesky streaks are a form of algae called gloeocapsa magma. This type of algae typically grows in humid and warm areas. Even though the black streaks look harmless, they can wreak havoc on your roof. Algae can grow and spread on your roof, and eat away at its materials. It can also shorten the lifespan of your roof, in addition to making your roof look unattractive. Luckily, we can easily remove algae and other materials like dirt, debris, moss, mold, pollen, etc., from your roof with our roof washing service at E&L Services. You no longer need to look for Maryville roof cleaning near me, when you have a team like ours on your side. 


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At E&L Services, we are a family-owned roof cleaning company that strives to provide our customers with the best results using some of the best equipment and products on the market. We understand how valuable and important your roof is, which is why we will take care of it as if we were cleaning our roof. We will work carefully, efficiently, and diligently to provide you with a stunning roof transformation.

On average, you should have your roof cleaned once a year to prevent organic materials from growing and to prevent damage. By having your roof cleaned once a year, you’re not giving algae or moss too much time to grow and spread on your roof. A year is enough time where if materials were to begin to build up on your roof, it shouldn’t be too severe. This allotted time typically allows us to catch these kinds of problems early. For roof upkeep, you must have a dependable roof washing company on your side. While sorting through the long list of companies in the area, there are a few tactics you can follow to find the right company to work with. We recommend that you thoroughly research the company beforehand, and check that they are insured, look at before and after photos, and check out their reviews. These tips will give you an idea of what you could expect if you were to work with the company. We understand the need of hiring a trustworthy company to clean one of your home’s biggest investments, which is why you can trust that your roof is in great hands with us. We proudly have a great reputation, and we have hundreds of positive reviews that show that our customers have been satisfied with our services and results. We also have photos that show some of our biggest pressure washing transformations, and we look forward to showing you what we can do for your roof. You can trust that we provide roof cleaning Maryville, TN, locals swear by.

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When it comes to your roof, it needs to be handled with care. This is why when cleaning your roof, we use a soft wash technique. Roof soft washing allows us to remove algae, bacteria, and other organic materials from your roof without harming your roofing materials in the process. Using a high-pressure wash technique on your roof puts your roof at risk of loosening tiles, forcing water underneath your roofing materials, and knocking off roofing tiles. These types of roof damage can be avoided by using the right methods and products. With our team, you no longer need to search for roof washing near me. We’ve got you covered!

There are several advantages of soft washing your roof, such as:

  • Increasing the longevity of your roof – Materials that build up on your roof can break it down and shorten its lifespan. Routine cleanings will eliminate and prevent these materials from building up, which in turn will promote the longevity of your roof. 
  • Improving your roof’s appearance – Having dark streaks or stains on your roof can bring down the look of your roof. These materials can distract and take away from the beauty of your roof and home. A routine roof washing service will quickly remove these materials so your roof will look like new by the time we’re done with the service.
  • Saving you money – The amount of money you would need to invest in replacing your roof prematurely doesn’t even come close to how much it would cost you to have your roof cleaned. In the long run, a routine roof cleaning service will save you quite a bit of money by preventing repairs or replacements. 

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If you’re looking for a high-quality roof pressure washing service in Maryville, TN, whether you need a one-time service or you’re looking for routine cleanings, our team is here to help! Make sure you contact us today to learn more about our roof soft washing service!

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