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Whether your roof is brand new or it’s years old, keeping up with maintenance is important to ensure that your roof lasts as long as possible. Routine roof cleanings are the perfect way to take care of your roof and give it the treatment it needs and deserves. If you’re looking for Lenoir City roof cleaning near me, E&L Services is the roof washing company you can rely on for the best services and results possible. 

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Without routinely having your roof cleaned, several different materials can build up on your roof, like stains, dirt, grime, debris, algae, lichens, moss, and more. These materials can eat away at your roofing materials over time, which can result in needing to invest in repairing or replacing your roof prematurely. Not to mention, these materials can also become an eyesore on your roof and home. When we think of pressure washing, we think about blasting away the dirt. However, in some circumstances, a high-pressure water setting isn’t necessary or beneficial. The best way to remove unwanted materials from your roof is with a roof soft washing service. With this service, we use top-notch cleaning solutions and a low-pressure water setting, which are tough enough to get rid of these materials without harming your roofing materials in the process. Soft washing will cause less damage to exterior surfaces that are more fragile, like your roofing materials, and it provides long-lasting results.

Did you know that having heavy stains, debris, or organic materials on your roof could cover up roof damage? Potential issues with your roof could be hiding underneath all of those unwanted materials, which could cause you or an inspector to overlook these problems. Even if they start as minor issues, they could easily turn into larger irreversible issues when neglected. We recommend that you have a roof washing service at least once a year to effectively eliminate these materials so your roof is fully visible and it’s a lot easier to find problems with your roof. You can trust that our team provides the best roof cleaning Lenoir City, TN has to offer.

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Are you tired of looking for a reliable roof cleaning company in the Lenoir City area? It can be quite overwhelming to search for roof washing near me online when there are several options to choose from. Trying to pick the right company to work with can be difficult. We hope that we can make the decision in choosing a reliable company to work with simply for you. We try to make the entire process of working with us simple and as stress-free as possible. To give you peace of mind knowing that your roof washing service is protected, we are also licensed and insured. We ensure that each service we do, it’s safe and efficient every time.

While we suggest that your roof is cleaned every year, some signs prove that your roof needs to be cleaned. For instance, if you notice that moss is creeping in between your shingles. Moss can grow on your roof, as it’s the perfect environment for it to thrive. Moss can retain water, which can lead to mold growth, rot, and bacteria growth. If you notice a layer of green moss on your roof, make sure you reach out to us as soon as possible. Moss may look harmless, but it can cause a tremendous amount of damage in rot without the proper roof cleaning service to eliminate it. Another sign to look for that you need your roof cleaned is that there are black streaks on your roof. This is another organic material that looks harmless but can cause quite a bit of damage to your roof. These black streaks are called gloeocapsa magma and they are a form of algae. Like moss, they can begin to eat away at the materials of your roof. They tend to thrive best in humid climates. If you begin to see dark or black streaks on your roof, it’s best to stay ahead of the issue before it becomes problematic by giving us a call to perform a quick quote.

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If you’re ready to take back control of the cleanliness and well-being of your roof, E&L Services is the pressure washing company you can turn to for the best roof soft washing services. For more information regarding our roof pressure washing service, make sure you get in contact with our team in Lenoir City, TN. Our team is just a phone call away to set up a quick and hassle-free quote for you!

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